e are all in the journey that set before us to be in the likeness of the Son. In fact to be like the Son is our ultimate goal in life where in that process day by day we are all challenged to make decision according to the ways of the Son and intimately embrace His heart until we are all transformed into His likeness full of glory and grace.
This Journey To The Heart of The Son is the way that The Son had vividly showed while He was walking on earth. The way that controversially powerful in transforming the lives of the people that follow Him. That is The way of The Cross. The way that describes the lifestyle of Trinity, the lifestyle of unconditional love shows through self sacrifice and serve one another.
The Reality is that in this generation  the way of the cross  is the way less traveled. That's why is really hard to find people with the quality of the Son. We are stumbled in our effort to establish our identity that's why we fail to exercise authority in life.
But now, the calling is announce loud and clear. Through this book you will take a journey to find your identity as a son that will lead you to a life full of meaning and authority to also like The Son to give away your life for the benefit of others around you.
Never a book has inspire me a lot to know The Son Jesus Christ more than after I read the draft of this book....
Keep winning.

Jonathan Pattiasina

·         Father, Disciples Trainer  and leader.
·         Founder and pastor of Garam Church a disciple making community in Melbourne and Jakarta.
·         Founder and leader of ISRA (Integrated Society Rescue Action)

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About Stephanus Tedy

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